Send and Receive SMS on your desktop.

(you need both)


It doesn't stop with SMS.

Ever wanted to leave your ringer off and have your computer tell you when you're getting a call? You can totally do that with LAN SMS.

Lose your phone somewhere in your house? No problem - phone locator rings/vibrates your phone.

Get a call from some number and want to know what state (USA only) its from? LAN SMS let's you know in the popup.

Keep track of your phone's battery from your computer, even get desktop notifications for low/critical/full battery levels.

Play games in full screen? Have a second monitor? LAN SMS can keep you informed of your text messages on your other monitor, even automatically switch chat tabs for you when new messages come in.

Across the room when a text or call comes in? We've got sounds for that.

Can't get enough notification spam from your phone? You can forward that to your computer too. Though, it's optional.

Keyboard warrior? No problem, we have keyboard shortcuts for changing chat tabs, looking up contacts, sending SMS, recalling messages and more!

How Does it Work?

Your computer uses LAN SMS as a Chrome packaged app which connects to LAN SMS on your Android-based smartphone. From there, the apps relay your phone's SMS to your computer.

The desktop app adds other features so you can get the most out of staying connected with others. We do all of this without using any cloud services or having you sign up for yet another account. You keep all of your text messages, we don't want them.

What users have been saying

"Just got your app all set up. Very cool. Thank you for the night theme. Also really enjoy that your find phone feature causes my phone [to ring] even when set to vibrate to make a noise."

Comparing LAN SMS to Motorola Connect: "[LAN SMS] works out much better. don't have to sign in, just need phone and computer connected to same network, much easier"

"Thank you for the incoming call notification ... that is going to save me a lot of trouble in the future I think with keeping phone on silent while someone is napping."

Help / FAQ

Check our help page for troubleshooting and answers to questions.