Bubble Zing


  • Android, iPhone


Launch colored marbles at bubbles and pop them when their colors match.

Bazinga! Put some zing in your step with Bubble Zing!

Bubble Zing is a 50 level energetic, addictive, fast-paced game that will kick you in the pants as you climb higher in levels. You’ll groove along to its lively, quick-tempo soundtrack while you swiftly launch marbles into the air.

It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and put your speed and targeting skills to the test!

How to play:

  • Launch colored marbles by sliding your finger from a marble to a colored bubble (red marbles pop red bubbles; blue pops blue, etc).
  • Tap the middle marble to change the special item to either a purple marble or a rock.
  • Pop as many bubbles as you can before too many fall down!


  • Heart bubbles, poppable by any marble, regain health
  • Special rock item to show those bubbles who’s boss (limit 3)
  • Purple marbles that get rid of those toxic bubbles
  • Increasing difficulty as you climb in levels

This game features music by Dan Kramer.

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