Today, October 20th, 2013, Eon Edge Studios is happy to announce that we have officially released our newest game – The Teaching Trees on to FIVE different platforms! If you use Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, or iOS, then check the game out – it is totally free, not even with ads!

The game itself is designed to help teach kids about letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. A parent or guardian may need to assist young kids in playing the game.

The Teaching Trees

7 October, 2013

It’s been a while since our last update! What we bring today is a video of our newest game, The Teaching Trees! It is for the kids to help them learn about shapes, numbers, colors, and letters!

This is mostly aimed at other developers, but we have released v1.0.0 of btrxml to SourceForge! While developing games for smartphones, we were leery about choosing a solution for integrating a very small and basic XML parser. Yes, there is software out there that does this, but nothing really fit exactly our needs, so we rolled our own solution, and open sourced it for everyone under the zlib license!

We will be utilizing this software in our own games from here on out as part of our in-house game engine while updating btrxml as we improve it right alongside our own software!

After a long period of development and business stuff, we’re happy to show off some of our development build of our up and coming smartphone game – Attic Defense!

Our youtube channel also has an earlier video that shows off some of our programmer art.

The Adventure of 2013!

27 January, 2013

We’ve been teasing people with promises of our new game Attic Defense, and yes, it’s still under development. The programming of the game has gone pretty well, but other aspects of the game are getting delayed and held up more than originally anticipated.

In other news, we got a twitter feed for anyone interested in hearing those updates. It will likely have updates about the industry, blog posts, technical stuff, personable stuff, and sometimes actual product news!